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  • Blaine Moore

The Corner of Your Garment - Ruth 3:1-14

(Full audio message available HERE.)

In this week's passage from Ruth, the suspense builds and we witness one of Scripture's most curious scenarios: courting at the threshing floor in the middle of the night! But this story is more wonderful than weird. On the surface, it's the story of two people finding their way into a lasting relationship. Step back a bit further, and we can see how beautifully it was all orchestrated by divine Providence through a cascade of events and circumstances.

However, if we step all the way back we see God demonstrating and illustrating, through Boaz and Ruth, the nature of his relationship with those he loves. We begin to understand his initiative in that relationship, and his fierce commitment to it. We understand a little better what it means to be covered and to be claimed. This is the greater message Ruth has to tell us. The link to the full audio of this message can be found above.

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