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  • Blaine Moore

He Hasn't Stopped Showing His Kindness - Ruth 2:14-23

(Full audio of this message can be found HERE.)

All the events of Ruth chapter two take place in the space of one day, and wow! What a day! A lot can happen in one day. In fact, your whole life can turn around when God's grace is involved.

In this last half of Ruth chapter two, Naomi's song of lament turns into an anthem of praise:

“The LORD has not stopped showing his kindness!...” Hope is now beginning to really shine, and Gospel-y grace is warming up the story.

Naomi begins to realize and acknowledge that the previous decade of famine and death and bitterness were not due to evil running rampant with God trying his best to keep up – not at all – these difficult years were carefully orchestrated and sovereignly governed by Jehovah, bringing her good, and Him glory.

For the full force of the message of grace in Ruth 2, just CLICK HERE to listen to the full sermon.

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