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  • Blaine Moore

Ordinary Life, Extraordinary Purpose - Ruth 4:11-22

(The full audio of this message can be found RIGHT HERE.)

Let's just start this off by revealing what the extraordinary purpose of our lives is: to glorify Christ! He is glorified as he works out his plans in what seems like the relatively boring details of our days. And he never stops working. God's work is never on pause, and that brings hope for every manic or mundane Monday we face!

In this week's concluding message from the book of Ruth, we highlight the power of redemption by taking a look at three things revealed in these final paragraphs:

1. The scandal of a sketchy family history.

2. The power of God’s providence in the ordinary.

3. How love and grace transform our today and tomorrow.

My friend, if you belong to Christ, then behind the ordinary, something extraordinary is happening!

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