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  • Blaine Moore

Prayer - You Can Do This

(Full audio of this message can be found RIGHT HERE)

You know, prayer doesn’t have to “feel” right to "be" right. It doesn’t have to be easy to be encouraging. It doesn't have to be perfect to be effective. And did you also know that our heavenly Father doesn’t speak King James English – unless that’s your native tongue. He understands our imperfect grammar and incomplete thoughts just like our best friends do.

So you can put aside any anxiety you have about “how” you pray – and just pray.

In prayer we learn to be moved by the Holy Spirit, in prayer we grow in love for those we bring before the Lord, in prayer our own hearts are exposed and have a chance to change in the light of God’s presence. In prayer we learn just how desperately we need the Lord.

And eventually, we learn that prayer is more than a discipline as it becomes a thing that we run to in excitement and anticipation with the thought, “I’m going to take this to the Lord and He will help me!”

In today's message there are three practical suggestions to help jump start your prayer life. I freely admit that I’ve borrowed these from an article I read recently by John Piper. It resonated with me at that time as something that I wanted to share with you eventually, and that opportunity has come.

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