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  • Blaine Moore

A Picture of Giving and Receiving Grace in Ruth 2:1-13

(This Sunday's message simply refused to be summarized! We've provided a snippet below, and the full message can be listened to by clicking THIS LINK.)

Why did Boaz treat Ruth with such purity, respect, and grace? Primarily, I’m sure it came from his relationship with Jehovah. He was a godly man. But also, Boaz had a firsthand understanding of the grace of God at work. Do you happen to know who Boaz’s mother was? It was Rahab. Yes, that Rahab - the prostitute of Jericho who hid the spies. Her name is recorded in Matthew chapter 1, as the wife of Salmon. She’s also listed in Hebrews 11 as a hero of faith.

However, she was not an Israelite. She was a Canaanite and a prostitute. But . . . she acknowledged Jehovah as God over all, and as we all know, there are no boundaries to God’s grace for those who repent. So Boaz knew firsthand, from his own family tree, that God’s heart is large and generous and seeks people from every tribe and tongue and nation. His experience of God’s love and grace made him a loving and grace-filled person. If that is not our experience as well, then let’s pray for change!

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